Face-to-face classes. These classes, either one-to-one or in small groups (maximum 4 students) give maximum opportunity for speaking and listening practice and help students increase their general and work-related vocabulary.

    Telephone classes. Not just for strengthening listening skills, our telephone courses also give the student the opportunity to speak with a teacher in real time and receive detailed corrections about his or her oral expression.

    On-line courses. A personalized and flexible program to allow students to practice and reinforce grammar, with individual attention from one of our specialized professors.


    Residential courses in Spain. We organize residential immersion courses in hotels on the outskirts of Madrid for either two or three professionals from a single company. The content of each course depends on the needs of the students, but is always based on the key concepts of our methodology.


    Residential courses abroad. We also organize residential courses in the UK for students who wish to take advantage of the many resources available in an English-speaking environment. We collaborate with local instructors to design a personalized course for each student.


    Translation. Spanish > English and English > Spanish. We offer competitive prices and excellent service.

    TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam preparation. We can help students prepare for the TOEIC test, not only to improve their professional profile but also as a tool to measure progress.

    Level tests. An employee’s ability to use English is often a key point in promotions or other positions within the company.


    Our Blended Learning programme combines online study with telephone and face-to face classes, ensuring that knowledge is reinforced and put it into effective practice in real situations.

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